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French Riddling Racks

The riddling rack (Pupitres) was originally designed to more easily remove the yeast build-up during fermentation in sparkling wine bottles. The cellar master twisted the bottles every day until it was possible to remove the top completely. This process, also known as "remuage" could take up to three months, with the cellar master turning up to 30,000 bottles a day.
An original riddling rack is made out of oak and holds 120 bottles, 60 bottles on each side.
In late 20th century, in most wineries this simple but effective method had been replaced by more modern technology, with mechanical metal vats able to complete the entire process in about a week.

Today the riddling racks are very popular and used as modeern wine racks.

RÜTTELPULT "3-reihig"

Maße: Höhe 150 cm, Breite 37 cm, Tiefe 11 cm, 25 Kg
236 € inkl. 19% Mwst.
bei Selbstabholung/ Lieferung auf Anfrage

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